Lessons on Databases

Databases are powerful tools for working with records of information.

We will make two simple databases – one fully directed, the second – one of your choice.

My lesson resources folder is used again for the first task – this time Databases. Click on the I:\Mr Baldry’s Lesson Resources\Databases link to open the folder.

CONTENTS.txt  shows the details for each exercise.

 MY FAVOURITE TEAM.docx  is an outline for task two. use How to Insert a Picture into a database as an OLE object.docx for further instruction.

Start the lesson with Acc07Ex1.pdf  try link which creates a file, with a table, fields and records. Here is the intranet: LCC

(Lessons are published at the school, not online to preserve copyright.)

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Photoshop Lesson One

Today we want to improve our skills in photoshop.  With my limited knoweldge the best way is to use the tutorials provided. They are on the intranet at

I:\Mr Baldry’s Lesson Resources\Photo Editing\PIT1 Support Files

The pdf file here gives the tasks. the first is exercise 1., where we practise improving and modifying a picture. The picture is I:\Mr Baldry’s Lesson Resources\Photo Editing\PIT1 Support Files\Graphics\Venice.jpg

The task is also on tass student cafe’ along with the attachment pdf. But I think its only accessible at home. Let me know how you go.

Lesson Two

For this task you will use the word document to choose a from selection of photoshop tasks choose one for today to create the  picture shown.

Link: I:\Mr Baldry’s Lesson Resources\Photo Editing\tutorial webpages\beginners tutorial overview.doc

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Hello world!

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