Lessons on Databases

Databases are powerful tools for working with records of information.

We will make two simple databases – one fully directed, the second – one of your choice.

My lesson resources folder is used again for the first task – this time Databases. Click on the I:\Mr Baldry’s Lesson Resources\Databases link to open the folder.

CONTENTS.txt  shows the details for each exercise.

 MY FAVOURITE TEAM.docx  is an outline for task two. use How to Insert a Picture into a database as an OLE object.docx for further instruction.

Start the lesson with Acc07Ex1.pdf  try link which creates a file, with a table, fields and records. Here is the intranet: LCC

(Lessons are published at the school, not online to preserve copyright.)


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teacher/I.T. technician(manager) - Lighthouse Christian College, and Computer teacher - Lighthouse Christian College Cranbourne
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